Our Business

Founded in 2014, fivepoints Bulgaria is a sponsorship and marketing agency with a core focus on sports business. We perceive our job a true passion due to the fact that what we do is our favorite activity in a day-to-day life. Return-on-investment, innovation and quality execution are the hallmarks of an agency which stands out for its values in providing services to both sports industry and corporate sponsors.

We all adore football and being involved in the past 8 years with the sport, we have developed and keep developing special skills to work and survive within this fast-moving emotional business field. Fivepoints’ team spirit has always been led by no-blame culture, accuracy and hands-on approach.



Fivepoints Bulgaria is fully in-charge of the marketing activities within the Bulgarian Football Union and serves as an in-house sales and sponsorships agency. The major responsibility of the company is the development of the sponsorship platform for the Bulgarian National Football Team, marketing support and constant acquisitions of new partners.

We have successfully managed the comprehensive marketing rights of the UEFA U17 Championship 2015 hosted by Bulgarian Football Authority, being responsible for all the local partner acquisitions, stadium activations and dressing, as well as rights implementation of the UEFA global partners.


Amateur Football

Invented by ourselves and served among all the obstacles and challenges through the past 6 years, Ariana Amateur League takes a focal point in our job inspiration. It is a pure amateur football entertainment platform which provides an unique chance to all football fans who may claim a centre stage and become national amateur celebrities.

It started in 2010 being a necessary bridge between PRO-football and amateur mini-football, but it has evolved to a championship platform with limitless sponsorship assets to its major sponsor – Ariana brand.



Our amateur golf events are designed by major goal to introduce to the entire golfing world the beauty and high-quality golf courses within Bulgaria. Above all, those events are privately created by request and there is always a football celebrity such as Mr Krasimir Balakov that takes part in the organization right from the start.




We could call it the most emotional and inspirational partnership from them all. The person who has an unbelievable ability to cover 600km among mountains and forests, to set the pace and a new national record deserves only the best in his sponsorship acquisitions. No doubt, Kiril Nikolov – DISL will be the one who we work with and develop as an exceptional athlete now and nearer the time.